October Sound Bath Wrap


On 12 October, I hosted my second sound bath and it was another huge success. Thirty beautiful souls attended and it was lovely to see so many familiar and new faces fill up the room.

I spoke to the group about the most recent research on sound frequencies and how certain frequencies transform brainwaves from a normal waking state to a relaxed and deep meditative state.

I was super excited to share that Google have recently purchased tune beds to expose staff to the benefits of sound. Employees can now book in 15 minute sessions on a tune bed and choose from a selection of moods, think; brighten, cleanse, recover or create. I can’t wait to see the ripple effect this technology will have on workplaces in the years to come.

This was also the debut for my Rav Vast, a special steel drum that has come all the way from Russia. The cinematic resonance of this drum is beautiful and its softer tones contrast well with the crystal singing bowls. Everyone loved it and I’m thrilled to have it as a new addition to my sound bath.

See a behind the scenes sneak-peek of my October sound bath here.

Thank you to everyone who came along and I can’t wait to see you at my next sound bath on 9 November. To avoid missing out book your tickets now. I have gift vouchers available too so feel free to email me if you want to gift a ticket to someone special.

If you would like more information or to book a private sound bath for you or your workplace please get in touch by emailing crossingxpaths@gmail.com.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and light,



September Sound Bath Wrap Up


Saturday 21 September was a huge day for me. I was full of excitement and nerves as guests started flowing through the doors for my first ever Sound Bath event.

The event was beyond what I could have ever imagined. To my amazement, I sold all 40 tickets a week prior and still had requests flowing in days before.

The response from the participants was beautiful. I wanted to share a few of the comments I received after the event:

“We loved it. So healing. Could feel the sound reverberating in my cells and restructuring them.”

“I hope you have awoken proud as punch this morning after being Belle of the Bowls last night. It was fantastic and we loved it, thank you!”

“Thank you so much for last night! That was really interesting to experience and so incredibly relaxing.”

Thank you to everyone who came along and apologies to those that missed out.  As this was such a success I’ve decided to host sound baths in October and November at The Yoga Ground.

I’ve got some beautiful new instruments to incorporate into my next events that I’m beyond excited to share with you.

 A few people gifted a ticket to their friend or family. The feedback was really great so I’m going to be putting together some special gift packs (for a small additional cost). Get in touch if you would like me to put one of these together for your special someone.  

Tickets are available now for my next sound bath on 12 October.

Book in now to avoid missing out.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

If you would like to book a private sound bath for you or your workplace feel free to email me, crossingxpaths@gmail.com.

Love and light,


Aim'n Sunset Run Yoga Class

After teaching at the August event for Aim’n Sunset Run, I was lucky enough to be asked to come back and teach for their September event.

AIM'N is a Swedish activewear brand with the aim to inspire and motivate women to live an active lifestyle. Their mission is to empower women to believe in themselves and their dreams.

The Sunset Run is an awesome event, bringing women together from all over Auckland to run or walk along Tamaki Drive. Afterwards, I lead them through a mindful flow of yoga asana and meditation.

I can tell my class is always such a special time for the ladies as they get a bit of time to slow down and turn inward. There is an immediate sense of calm and release as we slowly move through poses. They literally leave glowing and that is what motivates me to continue doing what I do.

It was lovely teaching this group of ladies again and hearing their feedback after class about how necessary wellness practices are in society today.

Some of the ladies even approached me and asked me to visit their workplace to enhance their wellness practices and introduce some new tools for stress management, how fantastic!

As always, thank you for all your love and support in being able to live out my dream in helping others live healthier and happier lives.

Love and light,


I AM HOPE Fundraiser // Sophie Correia + French Revolver Studio


A huge thank you to all the lovely souls who turned up on Sunday for a morning flow and sound bath to support kiwi kids.

French Revolver Studio and I are passionate about helping the community and making a difference. We team up each year to run a fundraiser event and donate all the proceeds to charity.

This year we chose I AM HOPE which provide free counselling services to kiwi kids suffering from mental health issues.

A bit about I AM HOPE:

Last year in New Zealand 137 young people died by suicide and it is estimated another 3500 attempted to take their own lives. While Government agencies are doing their best some kids are stuck waiting up to six months to receive the counselling they so urgently need.

I AM HOPE is the youth and community focused support group run by The Key to Life Charitable Trust, started by Mike King. For the last three years, Key To Life have been promoting positive attitudinal societal change in schools and communities up and down the country, and funding private care and counselling for young people stuck-in-the-mud on waiting lists.

Thank you to the wonderful humans giving up their time and skills to make this initiative possible.

A bit about French Revolver Studio:

French Revolver Studio is an award winning hair salon in Auckland City owned by international hairdressing Artist, Brad Lepper. French Revolver Studio is situated in a large multi-purpose space with a Brooklyn loft feel. The contemporary and creative space is full of natural light, perfect for hair styling and a morning yoga class.

I’m lucky enough to teach my bespoke classes on Sunday evenings from their intimate loft space. It provides a boutique and speakeasy feel which clients love. A time to zone out and be anonymous on their mat in an intimate and unique setting.

Keep your eyes peeled for more events in this beautiful space and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Love and light,


90 Minute Crystal Bowl Sound Bath


Recently, my clients have just been loving the sound bath aspect to my classes and kept mentioning how they wished the experience went for longer. Well, your prayers have been answered. I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be running my first sound bath event this September.

Join me for a luxurious 90 minute sound bath at The Yoga Ground in Auckland (including a guided meditation).

During the sound bath you simply lay down and relax while I play quartz crystal singing bowls and chimes to your hearts content. The experience encourages deep relaxation and healing for the mind, body and soul.

The sound frequency and vibrations of my instruments are known to facilitate shifts in brainwaves to effortlessly access a meditative state or even fall into deep sleep.

Sound healing is known to improve emotional clarity, blood circulation and stimulate the immune system. Each experience is unique to the individual and can vary from being very relaxing to more energising. It’s ideal for anyone suffering from stress, fatigue, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders and pain…or if you’re just wanting to relax and have nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

No experience is necessary, this is just a beautiful and accessible way for anyone to rest, restore and rebalance.


Where: The Yoga Ground 56 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1011

When: Saturday 21 September 2019

7:30pm - 9:30pm 

Please note doors open at 7:30pm and will be locked at 7:45pm to give you a comfortable window to arrive and avoid any disturbance once the sound bath begins. 

What: Dress in warm comfortable clothing. Mats, bolsters and blankets are provided but feel free to bring your own or anything else you need to be comfortable as you will be lying down for the majority of the session.

How much: $33.33

Book your space here: https://crossingxpathsbookclass.as.me/soundbath


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me by emailing crossingxpaths@gmail.com

I look forward to crossing paths.

Love and light,



Aim'n Sunset Run Yoga Class

I was delighted to teach back to back yoga classes for the lovely ladies who took part in the Aim’n Sunset Run in Auckland on Thursday 25 July.

AIM'N is a Swedish activewear brand with the aim to inspire and motivate women to live an active lifestyle. The mission is to empower women to believe in themselves and their dreams.

It was great to connect with such a fabulous community of ladies and lead them through a mindful practice following their run around Auckland waterfront.

I’m super excited to be invited back to teach for this event again on Thursday 12 September, you can find tickets here: https://www.aimn-sunsetrun.com/products/auckland-sunset-run-ticket

IMG_5057 (1).jpg

I AM Co. A Morning in Her Shoes Feature

This week I was featured on the I AM Co. blog "A Morning in Her Shoes". Read the article below and visit www.iamco.co.nz to check out the lovely wellness delight boxes that can delivered straight to your door. 

This week we chat to this gorgeous gal Sophie Shieff, yoga and pilates instructor and face behind Crossing Paths!


Sophie is a yoga and pilates instructor, a mindfulness advocate and a workplace consultant…at just 26 she is the epitome of wellness and is taking the world of ‘Yogalates’ by storm with her company crossingxpaths !

Tell us, what does your morning look like as you roll out of bed…

Usually I wake up and have to move as silently as possible to not wake up my better half (apparently I don’t do this very well).  I rummage around for my active wear and then go for an early morning walk, do a personal yoga practice or barre class.

Some mornings I struggle with fitting in a 15 minute meditation so when I’m walking I make sure I’m present,walking mindfully and interacting with my surroundings. I stop to smell roses, pick rosemary and rub fresh lavender on my neck. Sometimes I even sit on a bench for a few rounds of breathing.

However, I ensure I really listen to my body so some rainy mornings I lay in bed and just snuggle. Nothing really beats being close and comforted by someone you love and if you need more sleep, just sleep in!

Warm showers and a nourishing breakfasts are a must!

Four days of the week I am out on the road visiting clients at their workplace and one day a week I work from home. Because I do a lot of driving, getting my exercise in first thing really puts me in a good mood and productive mindset for the day.


Upon rising…

What’s the first thing you drink?

A shot of apple cider vinegar followed by a big glass of water.

What’s the first thing you eat?

I always aim to make my first meal of the day with organic ingredients. My weekday breakfast consists ofsoaked oats, berries, LSA, almonds, ground cinnamon and ginger topped with coconut yoghurt and cacao nibs. On the weekends I splash out! Eggs, smoked salmon and avocado on kumara sourdough is my favourite!

What’s your favourite way to move your body in the morning?

Walking, barre, running or yoga. I like to mix it up but always take time for some deep breathing and tuning in.


 How important is stillness or ‘quiet space’ first thing?

Very important. I like to eat my breakfast with no “stimulation”.  I usually just sit in silence, no TV or phone by my side. I just sit and appreciate every mouthful. I love food and just observing.

Describe your ultimate morning. No obligations…?

On an ideal morning, I would rise early for a 15 minute meditation before I walk with a friend. We would walk close to the ocean or through nature, chatting away and watching the sun rise. There is a lovely energy in the air before the sun rises and being awake to see the sky light up fills me with so much joy and gratitude.

I love strolling along the beach and feeling the sand under my toes. At the end of coastal walks I like to just sit in silence and watch the water or waves crashing.

Afterwards, I would try out the latest cafes in the area or visit the local markets to buy fresh produce for the week, with a fresh smoothie in hand.

My morning would be topped off by seeing family and playing with my gorgeous nephew Ed.


Please share your favourite breakfast recipe…what’s your go-to?

½ cup organic bircher museli (usually coconut, apricot and almond) soaked over night in water

2 teaspoons coconut yoghurt

1 sliced banana

1 tablespoon Bestow Beauty Oil

Simple and delicious!

Connect with Sophie:

Website // www.crossingxpaths.com

Email // crossingxpaths@gmail.com

Like on Facebook //  https://www.facebook.com/crossingxpaths

Follow on Instagram // crossingxpaths


Britomart Magazine Feature

I was recently interviewed by the lovely team at Britomart Group for an article in the Britomart Magazine. Yogalates seems to be a new fitness trend.  Check out the online magazine or pick up a hard copy to see what I have to say about yogalates.

Due to my 6pm class getting booked up so quickly I have now added a 7.15pm class on Monday evenings too. I hope to see you on the mat. 

Love and light



BeautyEQ Feature


May 18, 2016

Both Yoga and Pilates have long been favourites for their ability to tone and shape the body to perfection as well as providing an escape in today’s fast paced world. Alex Mead discovers why this fitness trend is taking off.  

Founded by Australian fitness guru, Louise Solomon, Yogalates is the latest fitness craze to capture the attention of women of all ages. A fusion of core strengthening and muscle toning known as Pilates, with the rejuvenating benefits of Yoga, it promises to give you the ultimate in body beautiful. Easily accessible it is now in New Zealand too, with studio’s in Auckland and Dunedin, the most recent popping up in Britomart, Crossingxpaths. Founder Sophie Shieff, a commercial lawyer by day and Yogalates instructor by night, believes this new hybrid exercise is the best of both worlds. "It focuses on posture and core strength and isolating smaller muscle groups, while yoga focuses on enhancing flexibility, stretching and strengthening the body as a whole," says Shieff.
Life changing for those who are in sedentary jobs, Shieff says "Yogalates is the chance to take part in a class without visual stimulation and reawaken the body after being seated all day, is a real treat." Not only will this combination of practices, help transform your mind and body it could ultimately - change your life. 

Mental Health Foundation Fundraiser Event

Me and the beautiful souls who turned up, tok part in class and donated to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

Me and the beautiful souls who turned up, tok part in class and donated to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

You probably all know someone who has experienced depression. This is because one in six New Zealanders experience serious depression, at some time in their life.
The World Health Organisation estimates that by the year 2020, depression will be the second most common cause of ill health and premature death worldwide. This is clearly a significant issue in the community and is barely spoken about, so many of us suffer in silence.
French Revolver Studio and Sophie Shieff from CrossingxPaths feel passionately about helping the community and addressing this issue. We have collaborated to host an event on 3 April 2016. All the proceeds will be donated to Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.
French Revolver Studio is an award winning hair salon in Auckland City owned by international hairdressing Artist, Brad Lepper. French Revolver Studio is situated in a large multi-purpose space with a Brooklyn loft feel. The contemporary and creative space is full of natural light, perfect for hair styling and a morning yoga class.

I teamed up with French Revolver Studio and taught a yoga class will all proceeds being donated to the Mental Health Foundation New Zealand. As a result of class we donated $450 to this cause.

A massive thank you to our sponsors for their contribution to our lovely goodie bags.



Conscious boss

Mondays Wholefoods

Zen Activated Charcoal

My food bag

Pinch & Punch

Nature Nurture Nutrition


Lululemon Sweaty Sunday

I had the pleasure of teaching 80 beautiful souls my bespoke yogalates class last Sunday.  

The hugs and feedback I received after class really touched my heart, from young teenagers to middle aged men, everyone seemed to really enjoy the class and thought it was the perfect balance of strength and stretching.

Thank you lululemon for having me and all the lovely people who made it along. You continue to inspire me to keep developing my dreams and aspirations behind "CrossingxPaths".