BeautyEQ Feature


May 18, 2016

Both Yoga and Pilates have long been favourites for their ability to tone and shape the body to perfection as well as providing an escape in today’s fast paced world. Alex Mead discovers why this fitness trend is taking off.  

Founded by Australian fitness guru, Louise Solomon, Yogalates is the latest fitness craze to capture the attention of women of all ages. A fusion of core strengthening and muscle toning known as Pilates, with the rejuvenating benefits of Yoga, it promises to give you the ultimate in body beautiful. Easily accessible it is now in New Zealand too, with studio’s in Auckland and Dunedin, the most recent popping up in Britomart, Crossingxpaths. Founder Sophie Shieff, a commercial lawyer by day and Yogalates instructor by night, believes this new hybrid exercise is the best of both worlds. "It focuses on posture and core strength and isolating smaller muscle groups, while yoga focuses on enhancing flexibility, stretching and strengthening the body as a whole," says Shieff.
Life changing for those who are in sedentary jobs, Shieff says "Yogalates is the chance to take part in a class without visual stimulation and reawaken the body after being seated all day, is a real treat." Not only will this combination of practices, help transform your mind and body it could ultimately - change your life.