Sound Healing

What is sound healing?

 Sound healing is has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures and now is becoming more popular as an easy way of accessing a meditative state, especially for those who struggle with “learning to meditate”. Also known for treating emotional and physical conditions such as; stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain and autism. Sound healing improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.

Techniques of sound healing can vary but I use quartz crystal bowls and chimes.  When these instruments are played the sound frequency and vibrations facilitate shifts in brainwaves and have been known to convert normal beta state brainwaves (waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness) and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep state).  This is when healing is able to occur.

 The quartz crystal bowls I use have different tones that resonate with the different energy centers in the body (known as Chakra’s). This method of sound healing is known for balancing and moving through any blockages in the body assisting on a physical and emotional level. Sound healing also increases mental and emotional clarity and has been known to reduce physical pain in the body.

What is a sound bath?

 A sound bath is simply laying down comfortably and allowing your body to let go and relax. The teacher will usually begin the sound bath with a breathing exercise to help you relax and then all you need to do is close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you.

There is no negative frequency that can be received. Whatever you experience and hear will be positively impacting you on an emotional and physical level. Each experience is completely unique to the individual.

If you want to experience this for yourself, book in to one of my sound bath events now.

My Sound Healing Journey

I first experienced sound healing at a sound bath in Los Angles. I was so overwhelmed by the experience and the imprint it left on me physically and mentally. Afterwards, I felt super relaxed, cleansed and had much greater clarity of thought. My husband (who laughed at the idea of a sound bath) accompanied me just to be nice, ironically he had an even more profound experience.

Soon after I learnt to play the crystal bowls, chimes and gongs from the world renowed Ambi Kavanagh and now share the gift of this powerful practice by those who are drawn to it.

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