We all put so much pressure on ourselves to be successful. For me, university was no exception. My journey began as a teenager overwhelmed with the woes of studying. I admit, I started yoga because I wanted to be more flexible and be able to touch my toes. After a few classes, I was astonished at how energised I felt and how productive I became when studying. I started to crave the feeling of being on my mat, being anonymous and completely letting go of my day.

One evening as I lay in savasana tears streamed down my face. It dawned on me that my need to practice yoga was something a lot deeper than I originally thought. I was stripping away years of stress, self-neglect and mistrust. Once I came to this realisation and took time to invest in myself and embrace who I really was, my life changed, not only for me but everyone else it in.  

In 2009 I took six months off my degree in Law and Psychology and became a qualified Pilates instructor with Stability Plus. I continued to teach classes and private sessions throughout my degree. In 2016, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with The Contemporary Yoga Center led by Vincent Bolletta, Karla Brodie, Neal Ghoshal and Dyana Wells.

During my time as a lawyer, my boss encouraged me to complete a stress management course. This compelled me to learn Vedic Meditation with Lauren Godfrey in 2016. A subtle yet powerful practice which I still do twice daily.

Making time for my personal practice and taking ownership of my well-being during my corporate career was life changing for me. I moved from law into a consultancy role and within three years became part of the senior management team of one of the fastest growing start ups in New Zealand.

In 2019, I took the leap of faith to follow my passion and transition into the health and wellness space wholeheartedly. I resigned from my job and spent six weeks in the US exposing myself to different teachers and experts in the industry. Highlights for me were meeting the amazing master of Vedic Meditation, Thom Knoles and having private teacher training in Sound Healing from Ambi Kavanagh.

Currently, I teach my own classes and workshops as well as private group, 1:1 and corporate classes. I also work throughout different studios in Auckland teaching yoga, pilates and sound healing.

Iā€™m passionate about making stress management techniques accessible to people and using my experience and modalities to help individuals and corporates live happier and healthier lives.

A lot of people ask me why I'm driven to do what I do. The simple answer is, I have always been fascinated by crossing paths with people from different walks of life and feeling a moment of inexplicable chemistry.