"Being easily the most inflexible person in the class, Sophie makes me feel welcome every Monday night and I never feel out of place. The class flows with ease and Sophie offers you the chance to push yourself at various stages so you can improve week by week, while keeping things relaxed and comfortable throughout. Challenging people yet keeping everyone comfortable is a hard thing to pull off and Sophie does that every class. Can't rave about it enough and love the meditation - perfect way to start the week!"  Harrison Stott

"I am someone that prefers high-intensity workouts and have always been a bit sceptical of the benefits of yoga, but Soph’s Yogalates class has completely changed my perspective. It is physically challenging, releases tension from muscles you never knew you had and leaves you feeling calm and relaxed"  Madeleine Cockram

“When I practice Yoga, I want it is be relaxing and rejuvenating. I am not very interesting in spending too long in deep lunges or on my head. What I am interested in is stretching my tight runner’s hips and hamstrings and releasing the tension in my shoulders from days spent hunched over a desk - Sophie delivers to this every time! I never regret spending my Monday night on the mat.”  Leah Beaudette

“I was fortunate to attend Sophie’s Monday night class on a recent visit to Auckland. Focusing on mindful movement & breathing, the class was a beautiful end to a busy day. I usually have trouble sleeping - I had the deepest, most satisfying sleep for months after Sophie’s class. A much more calming and nurturing approach to my usual yoga practise, I felt centered, calm and refreshed afterwards and can’t wait for my next trip to Auckland for another class."  Tina Hemming (Australia)

“A truly beautiful soul, the classes Sophie teaches follow such a soothing rhythm you almost feel like you’re moving in a dream-like state. I always (reluctantly) leave the mat with a big smile and with a real sense of balance in my own soul.” Amanda Vela

 "In the past I have enjoyed different yoga teachers and classes but always felt a little bit lost in the class or felt that I was doing something wrong, or maybe just wasn't bendy enough. I first went and did yoga with Sophie when she ran a charity yoga class, and it was amazing! Since then her classes on Mondays have been the highlight of my week, you feel comfortable as Sophie has the kindest heart and is a natural teacher, the yoga routines are amazing for anyone of any skill level! I always turn up with tight muscles from hard exercise and sitting in an office and leave incredibly relaxed, at ease and in total bliss." Anna Aldridge

“An atmosphere of peace and serenity. The class is held in a beautiful space and you leaving feeling totally relaxed. Sophie’s teaching is truly inspirational and she makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I had never been to a yoga or pilates class before and it is a new found love of mine.” Jamie Svensen

“Yogalates classes are a gentle, centering, and mindful practice essential to my Mondays.  Sophie offers the perfect balance of guidance and quiet to help my flow through my practice. I'm surprised at how quickly I have become a Yogalates junkie.”  Emma Mildon, The Spiritual PA

"I left Sophie’s class feeling awake, energised, and limber. Sophie’s style of teaching is refreshing, she delivers clear instructions and meaningful adjustments with heart, humour and soul. Her genuine commitment to the practice of yogalates is inspiring." Abbie O'Rourke, Feel Fresh Nutrition

"Sophie’s Monday evening class should be a key part of everyone’s weekly routine. I leave it feeling focused and revived, setting the perfect tone for the coming days." Mick O'Rourke

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